Jitske Tiemensma


tiemensma-jitske-9900   Dr. Jitske Tiemensma, PhD Assistant professor of Health Psychology and the Director of the PsychoNeuroEndocrinology (PNE) Lab at UC Merced. At University of California, Merced I am the director of the psychoneuroendocrinology (PNE) lab. I started two research lines in the PNE lab to extend my work on the stress system as well as my work on coping and (illness) perceptions. My work is interdisciplinary in origin, which is evident in my program of research as well as in my (forthcoming) publications. My overall program of research is ‘Stress and Coping’. My program of research revolves around one central issue: what happens when people perceive stress, and can we influence these stress processes on the biological and psychosocial level? It is important to note that I study stress processes on both the biological and psychosocial level, to ensure I capture the full picture. Stress is not something that only happens at the biological level, nor is it something that is purely psychological. By studying stress on both levels, I hope to contribute to the field of health psychology by providing better insight into the human stress response (both acute (e.g. social stress) and chronic (e.g. illness)).